Recon Expo


Recon Expo is the largest conference and exhibition on housing, construction and environment. It is organized by Shelter Aid Limited, West Africa Ceramics Ltd (Royal Ceramics), and Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FEWACCI) and a host of government and private sector organizations from across the globe.

Recon Expo Conference 2021

It started as Abuja Investment Expo in 2016 but due to the demand to address specific industry needs and the yearnings of participants, the 5th edition was changed to Real Estate and Construction Expo (RECON Expo 2021).

RECON Expo features Exhibition and Conference on housing, construction, furniture, fittings & appliances, building materials & lightings, equipment and tools, urban planning and safe environment, mortgage and financing, sales promotion & products’ launch, networking; B2G, B2B and B2C.

The Expo is the largest exhibition on Housing, Construction and Environment in Nigeria & Africa. It is therefore designed to meet the economic interest of the participants and also advance the economic development of Nigeria through private and public sector investments in Housing and Infrastructure. This virtual / physical exhibition will give participants the opportunity to meet and network with over 500+ exhibitors and 400,000+ participants from across Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. It will provide a practical end-to-end solution for rapid and revolving delivery of decent and cost effective housing to low and medium-income earners in the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

It also aims to demonstrate new approaches to Urban Policy, Infrastructural Provisions, Financing and Investment Mechanisms, Housing Typologies and Tenures, Incentive, Partnership, New Investment Models and Opportunities in Housing and other sectors of the economy.

This exhibition will provide a good opportunity for Estate Developers, Builders, Suppliers, Mortgage Institutions, Financiers / Lenders, Professionals and other Industry Practitioners to showcase, market and sell their Houses, Products & Services to over 400,000+ who will be attending the Expo as home seekers, buyers or high-profile property investors.